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Events - FC SPORTING AICAS ASD : 3° Football Camp ( in Italy )

FC SPORTING AICAS ASD : 3° Football Camp ( in Italy )

by Dr. Salvatore Trunfio

Date: 15 Feb, 2017 @ 15:00 - 21 Mar, 2017 @ 15:30 Location: Sportilia ( Italy) Forli - Santa Sofia

FC SPORTING AICAS ASD : 3° Football Camp ( in Italy ) Description: Sporting AICAS FC, it is a sports association recognized by C.O.N.I. with permission of the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. AICAS is working with its technical management organization at Sports Centers and affiliated organizations, organizing events called '' Football Camp '' and Clinic Academy prefixing as objective to improve the technical quality and sporting development of young players through technical training, educational and institutional availing technicians, instructors, coordinators FIGC, UEFA and FIFA. ​ The Football Camp are centers of education and youth training, and are aimed at all (even those who have never played) but love the sport and want to make new friends and meet new friends. Participants and interested in this new form of aggregation can register by filling out the REGISTRATION FORM and formalize participation in the growth courses and sports techniques, appearance and physical, tactical and technical thanks to the work of our staff. During the camp, the executive staff and is technical, that the same technical preparatory, analyze and follow every single player to get a complete and analytical performance of the athlete profile. ​ The aim of the association is to transfer its exploitation experience of players and their commitment to young people, and through this aims to grow into a more qualified environment before being placed in the sports clubs or youth sectors of Clubs . All participants in the training centers of 'AICAS will benefit and raise awareness of the activities and the teaching methodologies that AICAS makes available to the national and international football world. These are learning experiences and socializing proposals by athletes and technicians in Italy and abroad. President Mr Pierluigi Poggi, on behalf of the entire staff would like to thank all those who have worked and still work together today to AICAS project. We are certain that the best way to reciprocate your confidence is to continue to believe in a serious, professional and qualitatively valid, based on dialogue, on the comparison, on the spirit of sacrifice and respect. contact +393475887590

Url: http://www.aicasgroup.com
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