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Edit article Non EU-EEA players - Working Permit Netherlands

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    Territory: FIFA - Fédération Internationale de Football Association

    Non EU/EEA players need a work permit in order to play professional football in the Netherlands.

    The basic principle is that a work permit is only issued if is non-EU/EEA player who is:

    • 18 or 19 years old signs a contract with a basic salary of € 197.308,- gross per year;
    • 20 years or older signs a contract with a basic salary of € 394.616,-gross per year.

    These salaries are significant higher than the average salaries of players in the Dutch Eredisvie. The simple truth is that most clubs can not pay those amounts. The big winners of this protective regulation are the Dutch and other EU/EEA players. It is hard to deny that in Holland young talents have good chances to to play in L1 and L2 at an early age.





    Last update by: Matthijs Lambregts on July 24, 2015 14:52

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