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Edit article Categorisation of clubs for calculation of training compensation

  • Subjects: Regulations, Status and Transfer of Players, Training Compensation,

    Territory: FIFA - Fédération Internationale de Football Association


    Overview Categorisation of clubs pursuant FIFA Circular no. 1582, 26 May 2017

    TC System intro


    The categorization of clubs:

    • per confederation the FIFA has set the amount of compensation per training year for each category.
    • per confederation the amount per category differs
    • national football associations have to categorize clubs
    • the tables hereunder are guidelines for categorization.
    • the highest category in a country indicates the category for clubs playing in the highest tier. The second highest category in a country should be for the second tier clubs, etc.
    • a football association is categorize allowed to move a club up or down the available categories, hoever only if such a move can be motivated. The FA’s in well developped football countries such as England for instance use this freedom to deviate from the guideline.



    • the TC system allows FA’s to deviate from the guidelines
    • FA’s (or FIFA) do not publish how they have categorized clubs
    • FA’s in general leave requests for info regarding categorization of their clubs unanswered
    • a players passport (club history) is most times unconfirmed until the final stages of a transfer
    • the TC system knows several exemption rules. (It is beyond the scope of this overview to discuss al these exemptions and related case law here.)
    • only judicial bodies have a final if there is a dispute regarding the calculation, categorization and or applicablility of exemptions,
      it is often hard to predict what a player TC actually will be.

    For that reason it is advised to assume the worst posible outcome when estimating training compensation.

    Category (amounts) per confederation table

    Confederation Category I Category II Category III Category IV
    AFC   USD 40,000 USD 10,000 USD 2,000
    CAF   USD 30,000 USD 10,000 USD 2,000
    CONCACAF   USD 40,000 USD 10,000 USD 2,000
    CONMEBOL USD 50,000 USD 30,000 USD 10,000 USD 2,000
    OFC   USD 30,000 USD 10,000 USD 2,000
    UEFA EURO 90,000 EURO 60,000 EURO 30,000 EURO 10,000

    In continuation, you will find a table for each confederation, setting out the categories in which each association is asked to allocate its clubs. No allocation will be required if all your clubs fall under category 4.

    TABLE 1 -AFC

    National Association Category I Category II Category III Category IV
        $ 40,000 $ 10,000 $ 2,000
    Afghanistan       X
    Australia   X X X
    Bahrain       X
    Bangladesh       X
    Bhutan       X
    Brunei Darussalam       X
    Cambodia       X
    China PR     X X
    China Taipei       X
    Guam       X
    Hong Kong       X
    India       X
    Indonesia       X
    Iran   X X X
    Iraq     X X
    Japan   X X X
    Jordan       X
    Korea DPR       X
    Korea Republic   X X X
    Kuwait     X X
    Kyrgyzstan       X
    Laos       X
    Lebanon     X X
    Macao       X
    Malaysia     X X
    Maldives       X
    Mongolia       X
    Myanmar       X
    Nepal       X
    Oman       X
    Pakistan       X
    Palestine       X
    Philippines       X
    Qatar     X X
    Saudia Arabia     X X
    Singapore     X X
    Sri Lanka       X
    Syria       X
    Tajikistan       X
    Thailand       X
    Turkmenistan       X
    United Arab Emirates     X X
    Uzbekistan       X
    Vietnam       X
    Yemen       X

    TABLE 2 -CAF

    National Association Category I Category II Category III Category IV
        $ 30,000 $ 10,000 $ 2,000
    Algeria   X X X
    Angola       X
    Benin       X
    Botswana       X
    Burkina Faso       X
    Burundi     X X
    Cameroon   X X X
    Cape Verde Islands       X
    Central African Republic       X
    Chad       X
    Congo       X
    Congo DR       X
    C6te d'lvoire   X X X
    Djibouti       X
    Egypt   X X X
    Equatorial Guinea       X
    Eritrea       X
    Ethiopia       X
    Gabon       X
    Gambia     X X
    Ghana   X X X
    Guinea       X
    Guinea-Bissau       X
    Kenya       X
    Lesotho       X
    Liberia       X
    Libya     X X
    Madagascar       X
    Malawi       X
    Mali     X X
    Mauritania       X
    Mauritius       X
    Morocco   X X X
    Mozambique       X
    Namibia       X
    Niger       X
    Nigeria   X X X
    Rwanda     X X
    Säo Tome e Principe       X
    Senegal   X X X
    Seychelles       X
    Sierra Leone       X
    Somalia       X
    South Africa   X X X
    Sudan     X X
    Swaziland       X
    Tanzania       X
    Togo     X X
    Tunisia   X X X
    Uganda       X
    Zambia       X
    Zimbabwe       X


    National Association Category I Category II Category III Category IV
        $ 40,000 $ 10,000 $ 2,000
    Anguilla       X
    Antigua and Barbuda       X
    Aruba       X
    Bahamas       X
    Barbados       X
    Belize       X
    Bermuda       X
    British Virgin Islands       X
    Canada     X X
    Cayman Islands       X
    Costa Rica   X X X
    Cuba       X
    Dominica       X
    Dominican Republic       X
    EI Salvador     X X
    Grenada       X
    Guatemala   X X X
    Guyana       X
    Haiti       X
    Honduras     X X
    Jamaica     X X
    Mexico   X X X
    Montserrat       X
    Netherlands Antilles       X
    Nicaragua       X
    Panama       X
    Puerto Rico       X
    St. Kitts and Nevis       X
    St. Lucia       X
    St. Vincent / Grenadines       X
    Surinam       X
    Trinidad and Tobago     X X
    Turks and Caicos Islands       X
    USA   X X X
    US Virgin Islands       X


    National Association Category I Category II Category III Category IV
      $ 50,000 $ 30,000 $ 10,000 $ 2,000
    Argentina X X X X
    Bolivia     X X
    Brazil X X X X
    Chile   X X X
    Colombia     X X
    Ecuador     X X
    Paraguay     X X
    Peru     X X
    Uruguay   X X X
    Venezuela     X X

    TABLE 5 -OFC

    National Association Category I Category II Category III Category IV
        $ 30,000 $ 10,000 $ 2,000
    American Samoa       X
    Cook Islands       X
    Fiji       X
    New Caledonia       X
    New Zealand     X X
    Papua New Guinea       X
    Samoa       X
    Solomon Islands       X
    Tahiti       X
    Tonga       X
    Vanuatu       X


    National Association Category I Category II Category III Category IV
      € 90,000 € 60,000 € 30,000 € 10,000
    Albania     X X
    Andorra       X
    Armenia     X X
    Austria   X X X
    Azerbaijan     X X
    Belarus     X X
    Belgium X X X X
    Bosnia-Herzegovina     X X
    Bulgaria     X X
    Croatia     X X
    Cyprus     X X
    Czech Republic     X X
    Denmark   X X X
    England X X X X
    Estonia     X X
    Faroe Islands       X
    Finland     X X
    France X X X X
    Georgia     X X
    Germany X X X X
    Gibraltar       X
    Greece   X X X
    Hungary   X X X
    Iceland     X X
    Republic of Ireland   X X X
    Israel     X X
    Italy X X X X
    Kazakhstan     X X
    Latvia     X X
    Liechtenstein       X
    Lithuania     X X
    Luxembourg     X X
    FYR Macedonia     X X
    Malta     X X
    Moldova     X X
    Montenegro       X
    Netherlands X X X X
    Northern Ireland     X X
    Norway   X X X
    Poland     X X
    Portugal   X X X
    Romania     X X
    Russia   X X X
    San Marino       X
    Scotland   X X X
    Serbia     X X
    Slovakia     X X
    Slovenia     X X
    Spain X X X X
    Sweden   X X X
    Switzerland   X X X
    Turkey   X X X
    Ukraine   X X X
    Wales     X X

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