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    Territory: FIFA - Fédération Internationale de Football Association

    How to add a 'Club looking 4 Player' ad

    Have a quick look at the video herunder or go straight to the benefits, explenation and advice.


    Club looking for player from Webmaster ThePlayersagent on Vimeo.


    The Benefits

    Posting a ‘Club looking for Player’ ad on theplayersagent.com has several benefits for an agent such as:

    • reach the right target audience of approximately 5000 licensed agents;
    • filter out all time wasting middle men;
    • receive uniform player cv’s that can be easily compared and forwarded to others in or outside the system and
    • showcase your job placing ability to your fellow agents and to players.

    High quality target audience

    An ad on the playersagent.com reaches exactly your target audience :

    • all agents who are TPA members receive a notification of the ad;
    • all players who are TPA member receive a notification of the ad;
    • more than 4000 other licensed agents are informed via the weekly ads listings update.

    No other platform offers you this opportunity!

    Uniform CV

    The biggest problem an agent has when he let’s the world known that he is looking for an player is incredible amount of divers and non relevant reactions that he receives. Word docs, xls sheets, pdf’s links to soccerway, transfermarkt, soccerassociation or other websites pile up in an agents inbox and create a mass of mostly useless information that is kind of impossible to manage effectively.

    Cut out the middleman.

    Our system allows an agent only to propose a player who he really represents. No more endless back and forth conversation about a player with an agent who not even represents the player.

    Showcase your value

    Showcasing your ability to place players with a club is probably the best way to show players and agents that you are an interesting party to work with.

    How to advertise on TPA

    The responses of an ad depend of the quality of the ad itself. The better and more specific the ad is the better the responses for fellow agents will be. If you want to get rid of rubbish proposals then make sure that your ad is top notch.

    You need to know very well whom and what your are looking for and then transform that info into a good ad.

    Be a professional and know your team

    Often club officials like scouts, coaches and sports directors are not very specific and information has to be dragged out of them and they will not always tell you what their financial possibilities. Invest time in that team and figure out how they play, what they need and what there financial situation is. It is way better to spend time on this than to spend time on useless players.

    If you know what the team is looking for you have better changes to propose the right player for the team.

    Create a good ad

    There are a few ways to get rid of all the nonsense replies and increase valuable replies:

    • be very specific about what the club is looking for. Try to mention:
      • what type of system does the team play in general;
      • the exact position and what is expected of the player. It is a great help if a well known player is used as example (not that the player should have that level perse)
      • be very specific about the minimum level of the player and use objective benchmarks like:
        • minimum 60 matches the last 24 months with Tier 1 team in an EU country ranked in top 100 of UEFA club ranking. Click here for the UEFA ranking of clubs.
        • or minimum 5 matches in national team of African country the last year
        • and maximum age and maximum age;
      • describe the trial conditions, who pays what and what is the length of the trial;
      • the maximum net salary per month.
    • force the repliers to use a system that blocks irrelevant replies and uses one uniform CV;
    • avoid replies from middle man. Again and again time is wasted with middle men.

    When you operate as a professional the chances are higher that other good agents will want to work with you. Quality finds Quality.


    Before you place an ad it makes sense to have a look at the checklist. It is no must but it is advised to have most of the following information ready:

    • confederation and country of the club;
    • league of the team;
    • how does the team play (442, 433 etc);
    • required nationality of the player;
    • exact position of the player (right fullback, goal keeper etc);
    • what level of experience the last year or two years;
    • a player like …give a sample of a player of a similar team;
    • budget for training compensation and/or transfer fee?;
    • is loan an option?;
    • work permit restrictions for foreign players?;
    • what is the next salary per month?;
    • what are the trial conditions and
    • who will pay for accommodation/car?

    Of course it will not always be possible to have all the info but the more the better.

    Last update by: Matthijs Lambregts on January 12, 2015 18:22