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    Territory: FIFA - Fédération Internationale de Football Association



    First of all users have to understand the difference between:

    1. adding a player's agent contract (representation contract) and
    2. adding players to the database.

    Ad 1. is about contract data and add 2 is about players cv's.

    Where the system refers to 'add a player to your profile' it actually means add the basic data of the representation contract such as start and end date and territory to your profile. Why? See the Why hereunder. How? Check out the How section under the video or just watch the video.


    Their are several advantages to adding players to your profile. We will list the most important one here:

    1. The TPA system has implemented a few basic requirements regarding the representation of players. The system wishes to enforce that only legal representatives of a player or the player himself acts on his behalf in the systems. Think of actions like:

      • proposing a player for a 'Club seeks player' vacancy,
      • placing a 'Player seeks club' ad or
      • requesting or issuing mandates.
    2. Automated player profile update. The CV's of players that have a public profile on the web will be automated automatically. You will not have to do such manually anymore.

    3. Easy forwarding of CV. You can send CV links or download and forward then CV's with a mouse click.

    4. One click Player Proposal to other Agents.

    5. Managing your representation contracts. The system will provide you with a clear overview of the contracts with your players for instance which are expiring and need renewal.

    6. Managing you Mandates. The mandates system provides you with a clear overview of issued mandates and prevents double issuing of mandates.

    7. Visibility. It will put your player in the spotlight



    Theplayersagent.com Add Player from Add a player on Vimeo.



    Adding player a players agent contract details goes as following. When you are logged in:

    1. click on my players;
    2. click 'add new player contracts' a screen opens and asks you to enter:
      • first name
      • family name
      • nationality
      • date of birth
    3. Next click on the blue button 'Check if the player is already in the database
    4. Check the players that are now displayed. All players with a similar name , nationality and birthday that we have in our database will be listed after you have clicked the button now:

      • When your player is in the list then click on the button 'Click here if this is the right player' that is next to your player or
      • If you do not see him listed or if the list gives no results then click on the text link 'Add new player to the database;

      After you have clicked a part of the screen will close and you will be able to continue.

    5. Fill out the start and end date of the representation agreement.

    6. Select the exclusive or not exclusive

    7. Select the territory. You can choose from three options. The option custom allows you to pick territory per country, or confederation and select exclusive or not.

    8. Enter the commission the players has to pay you. This data is only used as reference in the event that you wish to issue a mandate. (not mandatory)

    9. Select lump sum or not.(not mandatory)

    10. Click submit

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