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  • Subjects: Regulations, Status and Transfer of Players,

    Territory: FIFA - Fédération Internationale de Football Association

    Protected Persons


    Unfortunately we are all to familiar with the images of refugees and asylum seekers in the media. Among them  amateur and professional football players who have fled their  country and obtained a protected status  in a new country try to build a new life.  It's obvious that amateurs as well as pro players wish to participate in organized football again a.s.a.p.

    For those who have fled their country it is often crucial  that their new whereabouts are not known to the authorities of the country that they fled from.  For that reasons the FIFA has created an alternative ITC procedure via the Player Startus Department.

    Fifa requirements protected person

    The FIFA uses the term 'Protected Persons' for those who:

    1. had to flee the country of their nationality for  specific humanitarian reasons related to their life or freedom being threatened on account of race, religion, nationality, belonging to a particular social group or belief in a particular political opinion ;
    2. for the reasons mentioned under point a. can not be expected to return to  their country; and
    3. have been granted the status of a person in need  of protection by the competent authorities of the country of arrival.

    Mind you for  persons who do not enjoy such a status such as illegal immigrants and persons whom not have been granted a protected person status only the regular ITCprocedure is available!

    Alternative ITC procedure

    The procedure for Protected Persons is as following:

    • the association to which the new club belongs  must send a request to intevene to the Players Status Committee
    • together  with  the  request  for  intervention,  the new  association must provide the pertinent document ary evidence to corroborate that the player involved  has indeed been granted the status of a person in need of protection by the competent authorities  of the country of arrival;

    After all request and correct documents of proof have been received the Player Status Department will contact the contact  the  alleged former  association and  ask it whether the player in question has indeed  been registered with it for one of its clubs, without disclosing  at which association and  for  which club  the  player  is  intending  to  be  registered.

    After the PSD has contacted the alleged former association there are 2 scenario's:

    1. If there is no reply or a negative reply from the alledged former association the new association may proceed to register the player without the ITC being issued by the former association or a decision being taken by the single judge of  the  Players'  Status  Committee  on  the  possible  registration  of  the  player  for  his/her  new  club, provided that all other registration prerequisites stipulated in the Regulations are duly adhered to.
    2. If the former association confirms the player has been previously registered with them the Player Status Committee will submmit the request  to the Single Judge for a decission.

    The FIFA will not share information regarding the persons whereabouts such as address and new association or new clubs with the alleged former association.

    source FIFA circular no. 1635, 8 June 2018

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