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Matthijs Lambregts Matthijs Lambregts Matthijs Lambregts
Does more money make you a better player?

Avram Grant the former Ghana coach seems to think so. "The salary of players in the Ghana Premier League is not good. With this kind of salary, you won’t get certain qualities from the players so government must do something about it,” Grant told Metro TV. Is the idea that a player becomes better or more talented when he earns more not totally ridiculous? Is the idea that the government should finance employees of privately owned companies not ridiculous?

If at all more government funding for football would become available in Ghana should it not be used for better pitches and facilities at grassroots level than for subsidizing private companies and with that the pockets of it's owners? Under Mr Grant management the Black Stars fell from place 34 to place 57 on the FIFA ranking. Could this have been prevented if the GhanaFA had paid him more?

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