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Nabil Adam Bashir Nabil Adam Bashir

Nabil Adam Bashir - Player, Left - winger

Date of birth: 10 Dec 1999

Nationality: Nigeria

Phone: +201091652477 & +2348185279628

Mobile: +201091652477 & +2348185279628

Email: nabzadamzzz@gmail.com

Company: Nabz 10

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Player details

Name:Nabil Adam Bashir
Birthday:10 Dec 1999 / 20 years old
Languages:English , Arabic , Hausa
Last contract expired:13 Dec, 2018
Height / Weight: 165 cm. / 62 kg.
  • Left - winger (preferred)
  • Right - winger
  • Central attacking midfielder

Club Name: FC Hearts, Nigeria, Abuja.

Played against, Taraba F.C. scored 2 goals.
Played against, Kaduna United F.C. scored 1 goal and assisted 2.
Played against, Gombe United F.C. assisted 2.
Played against, Kano Pillars F.C. scored 1 goal.

(There all division 1 clubs) We were in the same group stage with Kano pillars and Gombe United F.C. in Nigeria Super Cup. Taraba. F.C and Kaduna United were both Friendly Games.
Nigeria Super Cup (also known as Charity Cup or Charity Shield): is a game that features the Nigerian Nationwide League Division Two and Nigerian Premier League 5th and 6th place. It usually commence before the start of a new season.

Good dribbler, Very fast, Quick agility, Fast Footwork, Accurate shooter, Good Free kick taker, Good Crosser (Both Wings), Play both wings, Skillful Player, Incredible Vision, Has good Football IQ, Reads the Game well, Self- Confident, Outspoken, Mainly a Leader in and out the Pitch.

Other information:

League Starts: January 14th
League Ends: September 9th

2016: Appearances/Games played: 22
2017: Appearances/Games played: 33
2018: Appearances/Games played: 35

2016: Total goals: 7, Total Assists: 10
2017: Total Goals: 17, Total Assists: 21
2018: Total Goals: 20, Total Assists: 23


Aug 2016
Hearts FC ( Nigeria )
15 Aug 2016 - 13 Dec 2018
Sep 2016
Wadi Degla ( Egypt )

No professional contracts entered

Match summary

Season / Team / Comp T B

Work experience

Nabz Mc at youtube channel Nabz Mc


January 2019 - January 2019

Message to my Professional Agents: I believe in myself, I know myself, I work hard every single day, I never skip training first to be there and last to leave, I also train individual training even if the league ended, or when if it’s not on training days just to get better on my craft I renew my dream every day and I always stay motivated and focused because for me I stand for achieving greatness and I mean greatness by being the best to ever play the sport not only “has played” but the BEST to ever play it, I’m a young athlete full of desires, talent and passion to deliver the football world, I’m not wearing a number 10 for no reason and I’m also not a captain for no reason, i am a free agent that has no contract right now but i assure you with all my life by the grace of GOD find me a professional club and I assure you i will make it, i just want a chance to prove myself and i swear i wont let you down! mark my words I will deliver. Adam Yours Sincerely…


High School Diploma - Al Andalus International School

Period: 2013 - 2018

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