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Represented by: M. Helal
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Player details

Name:Moses Oyomo
Birthday:14 Jul 2002 / 22 years old
Last contract:No data available
Height / Weight: 180 cm. / 69 kg.
  • Striker (preferred)
  • Centre Forward (target man)
  • Right - winger
Player profile:

Player Profile: Moses Ochieng Oyomo

Personal Information:

Full Name: Moses Ochieng Oyomo
Date of Birth: July 14, 2002
Place of Birth: Nairobi, Kenya
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Position: Striker
Preferred Foot: Both (Right and Left)
Career Overview:

Moses Ochieng Oyomo began his football journey at the young age of 9, quickly establishing himself as a standout talent in primary school leagues. His exceptional abilities earned him the distinction of being the youngest player on his school team.

As he progressed to high school, Moses continued to hone his skills, participating in high school leagues and embarking on a semi-professional career. His dedication and passion for the sport have driven him to continuously improve and excel on the field.

Playing Style and Skills:

Moses is a versatile striker known for his dual-footed ability, making him a formidable opponent for any defense. His comprehensive skill set includes:

Dribbling: Exceptional control and agility, allowing him to navigate through tight defenses with ease.
Speed: Blazing pace that enables him to outrun defenders and create scoring opportunities.
Aerial Ability: Strong in the air, effectively winning aerial duels and holding up play.
Foul and Penalty Techniques: Proficient in drawing fouls and converting penalties with precision.
Long Shots: Powerful and accurate long-range shots, adding another dimension to his offensive threat.
Jumping Ability: High jumps that give him an edge in aerial contests and set-piece situations.
Physical Attributes:

With a height of 180 cm and a weight of 69 kg, Moses possesses the ideal physique for a modern striker. His physicality, combined with his technical skills, makes him a well-rounded and dynamic player capable of impacting the game in multiple ways.

Professional Outlook:

Moses Ochieng Oyomo is a promising young talent with a bright future ahead of him. His blend of technical skills, physical attributes, and tactical awareness positions him as a valuable asset for any team. As he continues to develop and refine his game, Moses is poised to make significant contributions at higher levels of competition.

Moses is a dedicated athlete with a strong work ethic and an unwavering commitment to excellence. His journey from a young football enthusiast to a semi-professional player is a testament to his determination and love for the game.



School Regional Top Scorer (2005): Recognized as the leading goal scorer in regional school competitions, showcasing his early talent and scoring prowess.
Division 1 Youngest Best Player (2019): Honored as the youngest player to receive the Best Player award in Division 1, highlighting his exceptional skills and impact on the field.
Division 1 League Winner: Played a crucial role in leading his team to victory in the Division 1 league, demonstrating his ability to perform under pressure.
Association League Top Scorer (2021): Achieved the distinction of being the top scorer in the Association League, underlining his consistent goal-scoring ability.
Association League Best Player and League Winner (2021): Awarded the Best Player title in the Association League while also contributing to his team's league triumph, reflecting his all-around excellence.
5-time Division 2 Player of the Month: Consistently recognized for his outstanding performances, earning the Player of the Month accolade five times in Division 2.
These achievements underscore Moses Ochieng Oyomo's exceptional talent, dedication, and impact at various levels of competitive football.

Other information:

Why Moses Ochieng Oyomo Should Be on Your Team

1. Proven Goal Scorer:
Moses has consistently demonstrated his ability to find the back of the net, as evidenced by his multiple top scorer awards. His knack for scoring, whether through dribbling, long shots, or aerial duels, makes him a valuable asset for any team seeking a reliable striker.

2. Versatility:
Moses is proficient with both feet, allowing him to be highly versatile in attack. This ambidexterity enables him to play effectively on either wing or as a central striker, providing tactical flexibility for the coach.

3. Physical and Technical Prowess:
Standing at 180 cm and weighing 69 kg, Moses combines physical strength with exceptional technical skills. His speed, agility, and high jumping ability make him a constant threat in offensive situations, whether during open play or set pieces.

4. Leadership and Experience:
Despite his young age, Moses has amassed significant experience and accolades, including being named the youngest best player in Division 1 and leading his teams to multiple league victories. His leadership qualities and winning mentality can inspire and drive the team forward.

5. Consistent Performer:
Moses's record of being a five-time Player of the Month in Division 2 showcases his consistent high-level performance. His reliability on the pitch ensures that he can be counted on to deliver in crucial moments.

6. High Work Ethic and Professionalism:
Moses's dedication to continuous improvement and his professional attitude both on and off the field set him apart. His commitment to training and development will not only benefit his own performance but also positively influence his teammates.

7. Young and Promising Talent:
At just 21 years old, Moses has already achieved significant milestones in his career. His potential for further growth and development makes him a long-term asset for any team looking to invest in young talent.

Moses Ochieng Oyomo brings a blend of goal-scoring ability, versatility, physical and technical skills, leadership, consistency, and professionalism. His presence on the team promises to enhance overall performance and contribute significantly to future successes.



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